London Mistress Eve

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Welcome to my FAQ page.

Q: What is your favourite saying? A: Honesty is an expensive gift, don’t expect to get it from cheap people!

Q: You may ask …  Why am I such a unique Mistress?  What sets me apart from the rest?

A: The reality is… I am a realist …Ive never made it a secret that I love being versatile and multi tasking…

I am London’s most sexiest, sensual and erotic  Mistress, who is naturally tactile.

My niche is … I adore men!!!

Not many out there have either the bottle, genuine honesty or freedom to do what I love and will continue to do…

Q: Mistress Eve do you also enjoy delivering severe punishment?

A: You mean like: using you as a punching bag? Making you bleed? bruising you? Burns?, Heel marking? Punching and slapping? single, double fisting and leg up to knee? Kicks to ass? face etc? Ball busting to extremes? To name but a few the answer is a resounding YES!!! However I consider myself to be a sensual sado beauty Mistress …

In a nutshell I am a top class, elegant reassuringly expensive Mistress who offers a rainbow of everything from pleasurable to extremely kinky and painful.

Q: Is that really you in the photos?

A: Absolutely!  ALL the photos you see on my websites are of me – I know there are some photos of when I was a bottle bleached blonde… I am now back to my natural brunettte and feedback has been very positive about that. My photos are a true representation of how I look!!! I update my photos all the time – enjoy the views xxx

Q: Please can you tell me what your available times are and what are your donations?

A: I am happy to session from 10 am to  late, 7 days a week.

Early am and advanced bookings require a deposit of £100 ; Eves Place,Suite 34, 235 Earls Court Road  London SW5 9FE  with a brief letter explaining yourself etc.

1 hr: £300 (in calls only)

1.5 hrs: £400 (in calls only)

2 hrs £600: (in calls only)

4 hrs £800:  (in calls and out calls)

Overnight 15 hrs £1700: (in calls and out calls)

Q: Mistress Eve where are you located?

A: I am centrally located,just a 2 minute walk from the Warwick Road exit of the Earls Court tube station (Piccadilly and District line). Parking is also available outside. Half an hour from Heathrow Airport.

Q: What is Eve’s Place like? Is it safe and discreet?

A: My premises are newly refurbished and spans over 1500 sq ft. The décor is minimalist and spacious to create the perfect ambiance. I have two all white style dungeons – maids room, two spacious elegantly decorated bedroom chambers  for safe and discreet sessions that you will love!!! Open plan kitchen for all you domestic sissy’s out there … Check out the photos of Eves Place on my Galleries page seeing is believing.

Q: Will you wear something specific for me?

A: Yes, I have a huge wardrobe to cater for all tastes, check my galleries .

Q: I have a particular fantasy or role-play scenario that I would like to enact – will you help me realise it?

A: Yes, I genuinely love role-play situations. All I need is a rough outline then I can make your fantasies come to life.

Q: Is it true that you are also a Mistress photographer?

A: Yes its true and I’m having a great time making Mistresses look ultra glam because I believe that that is the way a Mistress should look!

I have more than just a few irons in the fire…

Why not do a little research on the net to find out more xxx

Best Wishes from  Eve a classy  London Mistress

Tel: 0781 0805745